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New Challenges Greater Manchester Marathon 2015

Marathon Training

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As mentioned previously, I am planning to run my first marathon this year. I will be running the Greater Manchester Marathon on 19 April (all being well) and as such I have been training hard to make sure I can actually cover the distance. Since the last week in December I have:

  • run a total of 394.2 miles as part of my training (Last year it took me almost 10 months to cover that distance!);
  • taken 40 seconds of my parkrun PB;
  • taken 9 minutes 25 seconds off my half marathon PB;
  • and really enjoyed the volume of running :smile:.

Despite all of this, I was still a little apprehensive about actually running 26.2 miles in one go. That is until yesterday when I completed the longest run of my training plan. I ran a total of 22.28 miles and realised that all the training really is paying off. I was definitely tired and aching at the end of it, but I really feel that now I am actually ready to face this challenge head on.

Just over 33 days to go and now I’m really excited!!! :grinning:

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