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End of Reception Friday was George's last day in school meaning he has now finished his first year. I'm not entirely sure I will ever get used to the how fast he is growing up, but I am trying to enjoy every minute of it. Over the course of the year, after each holiday, he has gradually got more tired throughout the terms. Now he is desperately in need of some down time, but given he is 5 years old, he has little to no inclination to stop. He is now a bundle of extremely tired energy, bouncing around until he crashes. I think Rosie has her work cut out over the summer!

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Race Report: GLCL 2017 Road Race Series Race 4 of 5 - Pontypool The Pontypool Leisure League race is usually one of my favourites, simply because it's just over a mile from my house :smiley:. It's virtually the same route as the Pontypool Home Run, although given it doesn't need to be 10k, you don't need to run up the hill to finish. As usual, this year I jogged to the start and met up with the guys from club outside the leisure centre. After last years debacle with the start on fountain road, it was good to hear they had decided to revert to a start in the Park.

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As many of you know, I’m currently training for the Gloucester City Marathon on 06 August. The training had been going well, until I made a bit of a stupid mistake with it. As any runner knows, it’s important to increase your mileage gradually to help prevent injury and allow your body to adjust to the increased beating it is going to get. Also, in the past, I have tried to keep a good routine of injury prevention based strength work going alongside my main training. I have always stuck to this and, for that reason, I’ve been injury free for about 3 years. Until now of course! I put together a plan for my training based on what I’ve done previously and how my...

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The Parc Penallta Leisure League race is a little more broad in it's definition of a 'road race' in that the bulk of the course is actually off road! The course starts and finishes on tarmac, with a short section in the middle also on tarmac, but the rest of the course is dirt and gravel, although it was more like mud and gravel this year because of the weather. Unusually this year, everyone was huddled inside the Council building out of the rain when I got there.

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Race Report: Rack Raid 2017 Rack Raid is another brilliant local event that is put on by Fairwater Runners. It is an invitation only relay event for clubs in South Wales, starting at Grosmont Castle and finishing at the Castell-y-Bwch Pub. The route is approx. 100 miles split across 13 stages of varying length from 5-13 miles. Each stage starts and finishes at a castle/historic location and it is great fun. Every year I look forward to it, but this year I was quite concerened I would be letting the team down after being hit with ITB pain two weeks before the race (more on that in a future post).

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Race Report: GLCL 2017 Road Race Series Race 1 of 5 - Parc Bryn Bach The Gwent Leisure Centre League is one of the highlights of the racing calendar for me (well, the road races are at least). It's a free series of ten races for club runners in Gwent, five road races between May and August and five cross country races between October and March. It can get really competitive, but in the best possible way :smiley:. The road races are always on a Tuesday evening so usually I can make all the races. As a club we really get involved in the series, we always have a great turnout and we finish every race with a pile of cakes :yum:. This was no exception. The first race of the series this year was at Parc Bryn Bach in Tredegar. This is the furthest away venue, but there were runners everywhere! There were a total of 502 runners and also a huge number of supporters, which is the greatest number so far!

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Rise of the Robots I was recently listening to a Radio 4 Podcast entitled “The Rise of the Robots” that got me thinking. It was a three part series that looked at the past, present and future of robots and how they have developed in our society both culturally and technologically. The first episode was concerned with where the idea of the robot originated and looked at robots/automata of the past. I was very surprised to discover the first recorded concept of a robot was in Ancient Greece (although I suppose I shouldn’t really be surprised by that given what the Ancient Greeks actually achieved in their time). It was very interesting, but what really got me thinking was episode 2. Warning! This may be a bit of a...

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Learning to Juggle I have wanted to learn to juggle for years but, for various reasons, I never got around to actually putting the effort in that’s required. I tried a couple of times on an ad hoc basis but never really got anywhere. When I got around to putting together “My Epic Quest” I added “Learn to juggle” to the list. Well, last year Rosie & George decided to give me a bit more encouragement and bought me a set of juggling balls for my birthday :smiley:. This time I didn’t want to let George down so I put in the effort and practised everyday. The first day was pretty horrific, I managed to hit myself with the balls more than actually catch them! Each day got...

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A couple of weeks ago, on the last weekend of half term, George went to stay with his Grandparents in Taunton from Thursday to Sunday. Rosie and I thought this would be a good chance to replace his bed. The above timelapse shows the process of sorting the bed, which was a bit of a mission (see below) and the room completed. I hope you like it. Read on if you want to know more about it :smiley:. In August 2015, George made the bizarre decision to move from his comfortably sized bedroom at the back of the house to the box room at the front of the house. His main storage is a massive Ikea shelving unit, so moving into the box room meant...

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Race Report: Admiral City of Newport Half Marathon This weekend it was the Admiral City of Newport Half Marathon. Another popular local race organised by St Davids Hospice Care. This year I was well aware that I was not in shape to run a PB so, I made the decision to use this as a long tempo run instead. This meant taking it steady(ish) right from the start. I parked up at Newport Stadium again this year with a view to walking over to the start as a bit of a warm up but, as usual, I was running a little late so I ended up jogging the 2 miles to the bag drop to make sure I got there in time. With my bag dropped off, I headed to the start line...