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Goals for this Year

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Ok, so it’s been a little while since I actually wrote anything (almost 2 years!). I thought it was about time I got back into it. Given we’ve just started a new year, I thought I would set out my plans/goals for the coming year (and maybe reflect a little on last year).

A lot of people seem to feel that last year was a bad year. I admit there were a large number of well liked personalities that didn’t make it to the end of the year, but I’m not willing to write the year off completely on that basis. In 2016 the following good things happened to our family:

  • George started reading;
  • George started school properly;
  • George’s eczema has improved exponentially since he was seen by the Dermatologist;
  • We sorted out all the Lego and created the Lego Den;
  • We finally got Rosie’s Wedding dress cleaned and boxed (it’s only taken 6 years!);
  • My little sister got married :smiley:;
  • I joined the Circus (more on this to follow soon);
  • I learnt to juggle (not directly related to the above);
  • I ran a 90 minute half marathon (well 90:28, but that’s close enough right :wink:) ;
  • We travelled to Santorini, Greece for a week at the end of March, then Berlin, Germany for a long weekend in December (our first proper foreign holidays since Easter 2013).

Now it’s time to look forward to the rest of 2017. I am starting the year off the way I intend to continue as I would like to do more writing than I have done previously. Therefore, my first goal for this year is to write at least one blog post each month. I also want to try to get up to date on our travel blog as I currently have posts left to write for the following holidays:

  • Vietnam 2011;
  • Cornwall 2012;
  • Disney/Paris 2013;
  • York & The NE 2014 (maybe…);
  • London 2014/15 (maybe…);
  • Santorini 2016;
  • Berlin 2016.

Although this should keep me busy there are a few other things I would like to do this year if possible:

  • improve my flexibility (I know that’s a crap goal as it’s too woolly and not measurable, but hey, I don’t really care);
  • break 90 minutes for the half marathon;
  • achieve one of my Active Epic Quests and complete 10 freestanding handstand pushups;
  • achieve at least a 5 second One Arm Handstand;
  • complete another marathon (although this time I want it to be officially recognised unlike GMM 2015).

You may notice that I have no language learning goals as I have in the past. This is partly because I have failed so spectacularly with them in the past, and partly because I actually feel my time is better spent doing other things at the moment. I can always go back to the language learning in the future.

So it looks like I have a busy year ahead of me, but hopefully it will be a fulfilling one.

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