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Memories: Switzerland 2008

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In 2008 we decided that we should try to have a non-scouting holiday for just the two of us. Well, we half managed it. We chose to go to Switzerland for a week, without the Explorer’s and not as part of a Network event, but we stayed at Kandersteg International Scout Centre :smile:. The main reason for this is the extortionate prices of hotels in Switzerland. Ok, they’re not extortionate, but we couldn’t really afford them so we chose the cheaper option. It cost us a total of £9 per person per night to stay at Kandersteg in bunkhouse accommodation. We even got our own room because it was out of season :wink:.

The basic concept of this holiday was to actually relax and enjoy each others company and that is exactly what we did. Each morning we got up and either had breakfast at the centre or headed out for breakfast on the hoof, jumped on the train somewhere, explored the area and came back to the centre after having dinner out. It isn’t easy to get anywhere from Kandersteg without a rail ticket so we were grateful that we spent the extra money on one at the airport because it turned out to be vital to us actually seeing Switzerland for a sensible price.

During the week, we:

  • Visited the Jungfraujoch;
  • Walked on the Aletsch Glacier;
  • Watched some of the Freestyle Kayak World Cup 2008 in Thun (completely by accident :smile:);
  • Visited Interlaken, Lauterbrunnen, Spiez, Zermatt, Berne and Grindelwald;
  • Tried to see the Matterhorn, but it was completely covered in cloud;
  • Saw the North Face of the Eiger;
  • And generally had an amazing time. We will definitely be visiting again :smile:.

The whole holiday was very relaxed, even with all the travelling around the country, and I would definitely stay at KISC again.

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