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Memories: China 2009

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Following on from my post last month about the Three Nations Expedition, this post will explore the travelling that followed.

When we signed up for the expedition, we decided that it would be a great stepping stone for further travel across China. We contacted the company that helped to organise the China section of the Three Nations Expedition to see if they were willing to help us organise a further 5 or 6 weeks travel. They were delighted to help and so the planning began. Where did we want to go, how long did we want to spend in each place etc. After a couple of months, and numerous itinerary revisions, we ended up with a plan we were happy with and that we thought we would be able to afford :wink:.

Once the Scouting delegation left Beijing, it was time for us to begin our own adventures in China. We stayed on in Beijing for a day’s relaxation before embarking on our fully custom designed travelling adventure :smile:. It was for this trip that we started the blog so you can read more about what we did in each place on the travel blog:

This trip really was the experience of a lifetime. In total, we were travelling for 58 days, or nearly 2 months. It’s something that we may never get to do again (although I hope I am wrong about that :wink:) but it was absolutely amazing. It is the one trip that we talk, and reminisce, about more than any other. We both want to go back to each place we visited again, as well as many other new places in China. If nothing else, we want to show George some of the amazing things that we saw :smile:.

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