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George's First Hike London 2012

George Goes Swimming

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The Jubilee weekend has brought us to Jersey to visit George’s Auntie Liz (Rosie’s sister) & Uncle Steve. We started the weekend on Friday evening with George’s first flight which was a 19 seat ‘toy’ plane. I don’t think I’ve been so excited about a flight since the first flight I remember going on myself too many years ago. It was both exciting and scary at the same time because George’s reaction to this flight could affect our future traveling quite considerably.

Well, as usual, George missed the excitement through sleep! At this rate people will start to think he does nothing but sleep! We arrived in Jersey on time after a very uneventful flight (thankfully) and were taken swiftly out for dinner. At this point George decided it was a good time to wake up and let the world know he existed, although not for long, we still managed to have a good evening :smiley:.

This morning Auntie Liz took us to the pool where she works so that George could have his first proper swimming lesson. We stopped at the fish market on the way to the pool to pick up food for our barbecue and, no surprise, George slept the whole time. Liz arranged for us to have some time alone in the pool, which was absolutely brilliant. It was great to have his first experience in a swimming pool in private. Rosie and I were fully expecting him to scream on first dip, but quite to the contrary, he seemed very contented in the water :smiley:. Excellent!

We swam him around the pool for almost half an hour before making the difficult decision to fully submerge him. It was at this point that the fun stopped. George screamed his head off as soon as he resurfaced, but we’re not too sure whether that was all down to the submersion or the fact he was getting hungry from all the exercise.

Ever since we got home, George has been sleeping with short interludes for food. I think his Auntie Liz has properly tired him out!

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