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London 2012

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London 2012 So the time is nearly here for me to leave to help at the Olympic Games. I thought it was about time I wrote something about the last 2 years leading up to it.

My journey began on 15 September 2010 when the London 2012 Games Maker application process opened to the public. I didn’t have a clue what would be involved, but it seemed to me to be a once in a lifetime opportunity so, after a bit of to-ing and fro-ing, I decided to apply to be a Games Maker at the London 2012 Olympic Games. It was at this point that things became very quiet, although we were warned this would be the case.

The next stage came just after Easter 2011 when I was invited to a Games Maker Selection Event on 16 June 2011. This was to be in Cardiff so it was nice and easy to get to. I arrived a little early to make sure I didn’t miss anything and was ushered into the waiting area. The whole process was very well organised, and very efficient. We passed through a number of small areas where we got to see how the Games Makers came about, what it is they do (which is pretty much everything) and how things would progress from here. Once we were through all this, we were called up for interview with somebody representing LOCOG. This was one of the most relaxed interviews I have every had. I spent most of the time talking about the things I’ve done in Scouting, and what I am now involved in and that was it, the interview was over and we all filed out through the London 2012 merchandise shop before heading home.

Apparently I came across quite well because just before Christmas, I got an email confirming that I was to join 70,000 other volunteers on the Games Maker Team. So I made it to the last stage, all that was left was the training, and the Olympic Games themselves :smiley:. The only problem being that all the training was due to be in London so I had to work out how to deal with that, without losing any more holiday days. Thankfully, the LOCOG team were very helpful and accommodating where possible and I managed to get all my training sessions scheduled in on weekends.

The first training session in February was a simple orientation session giving all Games Makers an idea of what is involved in being a Games Maker, what was expected of everybody in terms of conduct etc, and we were introduced to the uniforms. I have to admit, I was not really taken by the uniform at this point.

It was June before my training continued. First up was Uniform Distribution & Accreditation Collection (UDAC). The process was fairly simple. We were shepherded through a check in point, accreditations were printed, shoes were tried on, uniforms were tried on and then we picked it all up. It was a remarkably efficient process that seemed to take no time at all. Also quite unbelievably, whilst sat waiting for the DLR at Canning Town station I was approached by a tall shifty looking character in a World Scout Moot - Kenya 2010 t-shirt. Scouts! We seem to get everywhere. Turns out we were both heading to the same place, and we were both good friends with another dodgy character from Manchester, Troll. We got chatting and soon zipped through uniform pickup.

In the last two training sessions, I got to learn about the role I had been assigned during the Games, and the venue in which I would be doing it. More on that when I get there and find out for real :smiley:.

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