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Race Report: Gloucester City Marathon... George's First Full Parkrun

Race Report: Rose Inn Relays 2017

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Race Details  
Event Rose Inn Relays
Date & Time 05 September 2017 19:00:00
Distance 1.91mi (x3)
Type Road Relay
Time (Team) 11:47 (36:04)
CRC Group Photo - Image by Johnny Lam via Flickr Image by Johnny Lam via Flickr

It’s September again, and that can mean only one thing… it’s time for the Rose Inn Relays again :grinning:. I first took part in the Rose Inn Relays in 2014 and absolutely loved it. It’s a great team event and it is absolutely brutal. The race is centred at the Rose Inn (oddly enough) in Redwick and consists of three laps of 1.91 miles around the village. Around 100 teams take part each year and it is highly competitive. What makes it so brutal is that it is pancake flat and it is near impossible to keep to a sensible pace off the start.

This year, there was a big push within the Club to get as many teams entered as possible and we absolutely smashed it. Out of 113 teams entered, there were 19 from Caerleon Running Club :smirk:. Not bad eh! When I arrived, the place was packed, but there were purple vests/t-shirts/hoodies everywhere. We were definitely making our mark on the event. The weather was just right for the event, and I was feeling confident. I was hoping that this would be the year I finally broke 12 minutes.

I was the second leg runner, so Rob lined up at the start line with all the other A runners, the gun went and they were off. That gave all the B runners between 9 and 16 minutes to prepare/nervously pace around waiting for their turn. The first runner came through the transfer at 09:15, a blistering time that might even be a course record. In no time at all, I saw Rob flying along the road towards me. I got into position nervously awaiting the handover, expecting myself to drop the baton (although I haven’t before so I don’t know why), then I grabbed the baton and I was off. Looking down at my watch on the first bend I realised I was running way too fast (as usual) and dropped my pace slightly to something I had a chance to actually sustaining. A guy from Griffithstown Harriers passed me, but I ignored him and tried to stick to my own race.

As I was approaching the halfway point I passed a couple of runners and I could feel the pain starting to set in. I was on target for sub 12 minutes so I dug deep and kept pushing into the wind on the long, straight section immediately following the turn. As we were coming back into the village I pushed a little harder thinking the transition was just around the bend, then quickly realised it was further than I thought! Too late though, I was committed and I had to keep pushing and handover to Ian for the final leg.

By the time I crossed the line I had nothing left at all, I’m not entirely sure how I managed to walk out of the handover lane in reality. I collapsed in the pub car park where I was handed some water and I realised I had smashed my target, finishing my leg in 11:47 :grinning:. Once I had regained control of my legs I headed back to the handover area to watch and cheer the rest of the race. It was at this point that I noticed that the whole area was purple! Caerleon runners lined both sides of the road! It was an incredible sight.

The first team to finish crossed the line in just 29:01! The first CRC team home was ‘The Old Spice Boys’ who finished in 10th place in a time of 33:35, and all 19 teams finished in very respectable times. Unfortunately, we didn’t win any of the awards, but we were definitely the most highly represented Club at the event :grinning:.

The relays always have a really great atmosphere, highly competitive but very friendly, and this year was no exception. I think everyone had a great time, despite the serious suffering caused by the running :wink: and there is talk of running it twice next year! That would be great :grinning:. In the meantime, I recommend you check out the photos from Johnny Lam of San Domenico Running Club to see how much fun the event is for yourselves.

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Image by Andrew Taylor via Flickr

Images by Johnny Lam via Flickr

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