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George's Second Year

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George is now another year older so how has the second year gone? Well, it’s been very different to the first year! Having recovered from his illness over the new year, George got back on his feet and hasn’t really stopped since. Rosie has had to open the eyes in the back of her head to try to keep up with him. Unfortunately, just before his first birthday, we discovered George has nut allergy so that has been interesting, considering we used to cook everything in groundnut oil and peanut butter was our favourite breakfast addition. Nevermind, we have adapted quite well I think and George hasn’t had any problems this year so it’s all good :smile:.

Over the year he has definitely developed his own personality and he has grown up so much! He is yet to start speaking, but he does say a number of words now and can sign sentences (although he doesn’t bother very often). We have had a National Trust membership for the last year so we’ve visited lots of different old houses and gardens giving George plenty of opportunity to run and play outside, and he seems to have loved every minute of it.

Here is a list of the key events in his second year.

  • 07 February – George completed his first full year in this world
  • 26 February – George gets tooth number 9
  • 01 March – George’s 10th tooth breaks through
  • 04 March – George gets his 11th tooth
  • 15 March – George learnt to clap
  • 01 – 07 April George’s First Visit Abroad (Paris & Disneyland)
  • 01 June - Hamleys Photoshoot
  • 07 June – George gets 2 new teeth
  • 08 June – Venture Photography Photoshoot & George escapes his cot
  • 26 June – Georges Allergy test – waste of time!
  • 12 September – George given his first training chopsticks!
  • 26 November – George reached 50 signs!
  • 03 December – All George’s teeth are now through!
  • 07 February 2014 – George now weighs 11.7kg and is 82cm tall

Now, we’re looking forward to another great year discovering who our little man is.

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