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Race Report: GLCL 2017 Road Race Series Race 1 of 5 - Parc Bryn Bach

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CRC Group Photo - Image by Anna Heron via Facebook Image by Anna Heron via Facebook
Race Details  
Event GLCL 2017 Road Race Series Race 1 of 5 - Parc Bryn Bach
Date & Time 02 May 2017 19:30:00
Type Leisure League
Position 92 of 502

The Gwent Leisure Centre League is one of the highlights of the racing calendar for me (well, the road races are at least). It’s a free series of ten races for club runners in Gwent, five road races between May and August and five cross country races between October and March. It can get really competitive, but in the best possible way :smiley:. The road races are always on a Tuesday evening so usually I can make all the races. As a club we really get involved in the series, we always have a great turnout and we finish every race with a pile of cakes :yum:. This was no exception. The first race of the series this year was at Parc Bryn Bach in Tredegar. This is the furthest away venue, but there were runners everywhere! There were a total of 502 runners and also a huge number of supporters, which is the greatest number so far!

Everyone was buzzing and ready to start the road race season in style. After a quick group photo, everyone joined the mass heading to the start line and, with a very quick set of notices from Parc Bryn Bach Running Club (this events organisers), we were off! As usual, I feel the pack moved off at a pace far quicker than is ideal, but I managed to settle into a comfortable pace fairly quickly. I would describe the course as ‘undulating’, although this may be a slight understatement. There are two laps of the golf course, which involves a large hill at the beginning and a small hill towards the end, and a lap of the lake in between. It’s a tough course, but actually quite an enjoyable one in my opinion. Just after the first hill, I actually managed to achieve what I thought was impossible…I overtook Keith Gittins :smiley:. I’ve been trying to do that for years, and this year I finally managed it. Unfortunately, I was not running any better than last year so I’m guessing he was having a bad run :disappointed:. Ah well, better luck next time.

I felt really good all the way round the golf course and the lake. I seemed to bekeeping a good pace, which was nice given I had no real fire where my fitness levelswere at the start. On the second lap, however, I started to slow slightly onthe first hill, and started to lose positions shortly after. Even so, I feel I had a great run and I’m very happy with my current fitness level :smiley:

It was a great first race of the series and it was amazing to see so many purple vests/t-shirts (CRC runners) both on the course and supporting those running. After the race, we all gathered outside the visitors centre for the largest selection of cakes I’ve seen outside of a large bakery! As a club, we also managed to pick up three awards from the cross country season :smiley:.

It was a great night!

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