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The day we have been waiting for for the last 9 months finally arrived on Monday night… the contractions began! After a few brief hours keeping the neighbours awake, we headed out to Nevill Hall Hospital for the start of a new life to begin. We were rushed through to the delivery suite and told that Rosie was already really far along so we needed to get the baby out asap. Some more screaming and heavy breathing ensued until, finally, at 13:47 the midwife announced… It’s a boy! What an incredible feeling. It’s absolutely indescribable how utterly brilliant I felt getting that news. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m 100% positive I would have felt exactly the same had he been a girl instead, it was just amazing that this ever growing bump in Rosie’s belly was now an actual little person that I could hold in my arms!

The midwife passed me my son whilst Rosie was sorted out and settled back into the bed. We looked at each other (well I looked and George angled his head in my general direction) and that was it, I was as happy as I have ever been. Once Rosie was ready I passed George over to her and could tell that all that pain and effort was evaporating from her memory as the result was wriggling gently in her arms.

The rest of the afternoon was a bit of a blur, George was fed, Rosie had a bath, family was phoned and suddenly it was 17:00 and we were being moved up to the ward. Rosie’s parents arrived just in time to come up with us to meet their new Grandson. The visiting hours in Nevill Hall are only 2 hours, but in that time both sets of parents visited and Mark came bearing gifts. By 19:00 Rosie was getting very tired so it was good that visiting hours were up. I was able to stay a little longer and spent most of the extra hour cuddling George.

I left just before I was kicked out with the promise that I would be back as early as the hospital would allow, in the morning, ready to take the two of them home.

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